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What does EFE do?

Our mission is to help the society to get better knowledge of how to reduce their impact on the planet and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature and animals.
For achivieng this goals we do different activities depending on which country our team is working in. You could find some of the activities in our activity page.


Our activities in Sweden are part of the international activities with different criteria. Such as fundraisings, workshops or events for a green lifestyle and also climate change awareness related activities.
Nature tour for members, organizing sport or family meetings for those who adopted dogs from us are also parts of what we do in Sweden.


We put a lot of energy into spreading information about what we do in our organization. We want to widen our connections and increase the number of members all over the world, so larger parts of the society can be informed about green lifestyle, kindness to animals and how they could live in harmony with the earth. With a larger base of members comes larger financial funding which increases the opportunity for us to rescue more animals and invest more in educating people in deprived areas about essential facts of the environment.


One of our main focus in Iran after resuing animals is to inform people how to behave with nature and animals in a better way.Provide them updated information about environmental and climate change issues and how they can behave as an individual to be part of a better planet. This work is done under different formats from workshops to daily tips in our website and socialmedia.Also we are trying to make small libraries in deprived areas in Iran for children.In rescuing part we co-operate with different rescue teams in Iran.From the moments we get the information about injured, abused or lost animals until the moment that they fund some safe place to live.