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Iran Wildlife Photo Contest – 2017

Is now over

The Wildlife Photo contest 2017 is now over and we are honoured that so many talented photographers participated! Our wonderful jury of Victoria Rennerståhl, Danish Saroee and Tomas Fors have given their professional thoughts.

We are proud to present that the winners for the first year of  Iran Wildlife photo contest series 2017 are:

First prize: Mr.Behzad Jahangirzadeh Khiavi
Second prize: Mr.Hamed Tizrouyan
Third prize: Mr.Ehsan Farnam
All the pictures and full details will be soon available in our website and later also in a photo gallery in Stockholm.

A BIG Thank You to All Who Participated

First prize: Mr. Behzad Jahangirzadeh Khiavi

The photographer has managed to get very close to the subject in this picture, and by using wide-angle optics, the picture has got a dramatic perspective. Technically, the subject is sharp and represents a large portion of the image area. The image is well-composed and has a good scope and one gets an exclusive touch with the bird which clearly shows its feelings in its eyes and the way it stands over the nest. The bird tries to protect its eggs and the triangle which is formed by its narrow legs creates a strong warning and its black beak has become extra clear through the sheer background. In the background, one can spot a lake or pond that is possibly about to dry out and maybe the bird derives some of its fear from it, how it may affect them and their eggs future. Its red round eyes may give us a clue about the fate that awaits major parts of our wildlife unless we do something about the environmental degradation and exploitation that is happening throughout the world. Even the colour elements in the image have reinforced the message and you really feel that the birdhouse has no protection at all if the bird flies away. We can talk for hours about this image and therefore we consider it a worthy winner!

Second prize: Mr. Hamed Tizrouyan

The mountain goat: This image is harmonious and has a beautiful tone and colour. It appears that the photographer also put energy on the post-processing. The composition is good and we like that the foreground has a short depth of field, which creates a depth to the image and the object is almost framed by it. The snow is a beautiful detail and makes the picture cones alive.

Third prize: Mr. Ehsan Farnam

It’s an image in action. The tight perspective slightly from below, near the object gives more life to the picture. The quality of the picture is good and it is not easy to get that close to a bird of prey. The photographer has done a good job in focusing on the eye of the bird and that is what makes the picture so alive. It almost feels like we could feel the prey when we look at the picture. It shows the hard side of nature; to eat or be eaten.