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Rescuing, care taking and adoption

One of the important thing that we do is helping to rescue wildlife and stray animals. For dogs situation there are no animal rights in Iran to protect them from not getting killed brutally for being stray dogs or being protected from animal abusers. For wildlife there are not so much protection neither, that’s why so many rare animals are now counted as endangered species. So we do our best to rescue them and inform society about how critical this situation is. Finding a new family for some of dogs and cats in EU or US and Canada under the rules of Iranian and Swedish Board of Agriculture and animal welfare rights would be another mission that we have.


Although the Iranian literature is filled with poems of respecting the rights of all living creatures on earth, in recent decades ignorance and the greed of people are taking over and the rights of most animals have been abandoned.

The situation of dogs in Iran is critical! Because of governmental rules and some religious beliefs all dogs live under a constant threat of being killed just because they are dogs. We are helping two kinds of dogs – homeless and unwanted. Stray dogs are common in Iran, as in many countries, and sadly the government usually solve this problem by mass-killing them. We work for a sustainable solution to this problem where we educate cities and municipalities to instead spay and vaccinate them. This method not only save their lives, it also has a very positive impact of the mindset of the people towards them when they know that they do not carry any diseases.

Today we bring dogs with injuries or who we think are in danger to a shelter or daycare. There we give them the medical treatment they need (including surgeries and medicine) together with food and shelter. The same goes for the unwanted dogs and cats which comes from families who are not able or suited for taking care of them anymore. This is a big problem since most of them end up on the streets (especially dogs are not seen as family members the same way as in western countries) where they most certainly die either by cars, other dogs or starvation.

Care taking and adoption

Our members in Iran do their best to teach the society to accept dogs and cats as part of their family but still there are so many animals that couldn’t find any family in Iran. The reasons for this are way too often very irrational, like the animal being black, being mixed-breed, having a middle or big size, not being a puppy or having some kind of physical problem.

We do our very best to find families for all the dogs and cats we save and therefore we’re also looking for families outside of Iran (usually US and EU). We have veterinaries performing thorough health checks for all the cats and dogs and they all get fully vaccinated.

The time which the pet stays with the shelter or daycare differs a lot, but usually it’s for many months. During this time we provide them food, water, shelter and medical treatment (if needed) and to some limited extent even social intercourse. Since the quarantine is not used anymore we take a blood sample and send it to a laboratory (SVA in Sweden or Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen in Germany) for approval (with focus on Rabies antibodies). The pet will stay another 90 days in Iran after the sample is taken before it’s allowed to enter other countries (if the test is approved). During this time their health files will be filled and they get their health certificate from well known veterinarians in Iran. When all the test are done and all the papers are in order we need a kind passenger to bring them from Iran to their new destination where we will be awaiting them.

Once we find the pets’ new family (sometimes this happens prior to their arrival) the family have to read and sign our adoption contract (stating common sense points how to take care of a pet). When all this is done the pet now finally has its own family and its true life can start!

If you consider a new family member please give this chance to someone who does not have a home or family! Maybe one of the guest in our day cares and shelters, or from somewhere else. Remember that you can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.