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Eating Meat Is Just as Bad as Denying Climate Change. Here’s Why.

According to NASA, at least 97 percent of publishing climate scientists agree that climate change is real. The debate over whether human activity is causing global temperatures to rise is finished. Quite frankly, it has been for well over a decade. But recognizing climate change while supporting animal agriculture, one of the leading contributors, is just as bad as denying it altogether.

If we don’t do something now to curb climate change, scientists warn the planet faces disastrous consequences—from intensified storms and rising sea levels to the extinction of millions of species. And while not everyone can afford an electric car or solar panels, there is something we can all do: go vegan.

Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, carbon dioxide emissions from raising farmed animals make up about 15 percent of global human-induced emissions, with beef and milk production as the leading culprits. In fact, even without fossil fuels, we will exceed our 565-gigaton CO2e limit by 2030—all from raising animals for food.

Furthermore, simply by avoiding animal products, we can cut our carbon footprints in half. Keep in mind that a pound of beef requires 13 percent more fossil fuel and 15 times more water to produce than a pound of soy.