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Vegan Julmarknad 2nd of Dec at Midsommargården, Telefonplan 11.00-16.00!

Come and join us at Earth for Everyone at the Vegan Corner at Midsommargårdens julmarknad!

We’ll be there talking about what we’re doing within our organization, what we’ve done so far and what our aims are for the future. We will be selling beautiful Christmas giftboxes full with vegan pralines, handmade Christmas greeting cards, traditional Swedish fika including glögg, kaffe, te, lussebullar, pepparkakor, sandwishes and more!

More info about the vegan corner can be found here: https://www.keramihacker.com/julmarknad

As always all our earnings goes straight to helping animals in need.

See you there!

How we spend donations?

Maybe you thought many times of donating to our rescue group but wasn’t sure where your money goes. We have put together a clip in order to give you a better understanding as to where exactly your donations are being used. This clip represents few of the animals we have rescued, which include wild animals.

After we have rescued these poor animals we do our very best to provide them with the medical treatment each and every one of them so desperately needs.

Please share this video! The more this clip can be shared, the more support we get which is the only way for us to keep our mission going!

Thank you!

Be part of a bigger community who believes all lives matter.We protect animals. Keeps you updated with all the activities that we do, recieve our yearly calender and christmas gifts from rescued dogs.

Support us by Becoming a MEMBER !

End Junk Mail

Did you know that over 100 million trees are cut down each year to produce junk mail? The resulting loss of trees takes a huge toll on water conservation and climate change mitigation efforts around the world. Help limit this unsustainable and wasteful practice by pledging to take action and reduce the amount of junk mail you receive in your home.

Read more on earthday.org